Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race transfers

Ottawa Race Weekend has a policy of no race entry transfers. Meaning if you register early, you run the risk (har har) of having to eat your entry if you can't run.

Yesterday, Race Weekend announced that they would allow race entry transfers for a two-week period! Hooray! I don't think this was highly advertised, so I figured I should post it here.

I'll get most of my money back. It's too bad I already downgraded from the half marathon to the 10K. Both distances are sold out, but the half entries are in much higher demand. Still, it feels good to know that I'll be able to recoup some of the money.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Nope, not a post about physio today. It's going well, though. The new focus on flexibility, involving ART, back manipulations, and tractioning of my hips and back, seems to be working. We're seeing drastic improvements in my flexibility during sessions... now we just need to get it to stick from session to session.

The torture I speak of is the torture of walking home from work on a 20C degree day. On those days, I'm passed by runner after runner. I start to feel a mix of emotions:
- Self-pity: "Wah, why can't I run???? It's a perfect day for a run. I want a back transplant!"
- Jealousy: "Not fair. I want to run. I'm in better shape than her!"
- Anger: "Stupid *^%$%* back"
- Envy: "Oh, she's obviously prepping for the marathon."
- Upbeat: "She's struggling, maybe I should say something to encourage her! Wait, she won't know I'm a runner."

I know this is a bump in the road, but going through the gamut of emotions like that really doesn't motivate me to walk home from work. If only I could just close my eyes and walk that way...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Racing like a test subject

I have to admit that I don't feel much like a runner these days.

Last week I had medical appointments every day. I saw the second physiotherapist, who believes that my treatment plan needs to focus more on flexibility issues than on building core strength. He felt that a 10K was a reasonable goal for later in the year.

Part of me agrees with his idea to focus on flexibility, but a big part of me doesn't. I agree with it because I am clearly inflexible. I've never been able to touch my toes. Ever! Most people are amazed by how inflexible I am. But it's never been a problem until now. Which is why I don't necessarily agree. I spent 8 years dancing several times a week. It was a high impact sport that had a similar force exerted on my body as running (if not more). In the last few years, I danced for a minimum of an hour 3x a week, if not more. The worst injury I had was shin splints. I was the same weight I am now, so that's not a factor. I would say I am in the same physical shape now as I was then.

I think ultimately it's something wrong with my back. I saw the doctor on Friday and had x-rays done. I will likely need an MRI. My primary PT believes there's scar tissue in my back from my previous back injuries in 1999 and 2008, and that this scar tissue is putting pressure on my nerves.

I've considered just giving up running altogether. But I love running. I really do. I've invested 2 months of time and money into PT... I'm not ready to give up this fight just yet.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

News to come

This week has been the insane week. Tons of work to get done and just not enough hours in the day to do it. Long weekends usually create all kinds of headaches at work, as the nature of my field is that the craziness of 5 days gets compressed into 4 days instead!

My personal life schedule has been crammed full of appointments. Tuesday: sports massage. Wednesday: Physio. Thursday: Physio. Friday: follow-up with doctor, physio.

Why so much physio, you ask?

Well, my awesome PT decided it was time to send me for a second opinion. So today I get to go see him. His resume is outstanding and I was impressed by just looking at his website. Hopefully he'll have some ideas. I'm not looking forward to going through a full assessment and history again... but if it'll help, I'll do it.

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor to see what he thinks. I will likely get x-rays of my back and possibly a referral for an MRI as well. I wanted to get the ball rolling on them as the wait times for MRIs can be long, and I didn't want to spend another 2 months in physio only to be sent back for an MRI. That would mean 2 months wasted that I could've spent on a waiting list.