Saturday, July 28, 2012

A marathon, of sorts

It's been awhile. I know, I've slacked off. But really, I had good reason!

Much has changed in my life in the past year. We sold our condo and moved out to the 'burbs at the end of 2011. All this in anticipation of adding a +1 to our family! Husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world in April. So really, I did a marathon, but the marathon called pregnancy, not 42.2K!

I was able to run a bit in the first trimester, but then life took over. Selling our condo, moving, and work left me with little time to run. And that little person growing inside me took a toll. I really didn't enjoy being pregnant. It wasn't a bad pregnancy by any means, but I didn't/don't care for what it did to my body. I didn't want to think about running during my pregnancy. I disappeared from this blog, online running groups, the miles games that I loved. I was a bad pregnant woman and gained far too much weight. I didn't feel like myself during those 9 months, literally. Delivering my daughter was like coming out of a haze.

Now I'm ready to reclaim my life. But, it's not going to be easy since I'm back at square one. Square one in running and in my weight loss journey again. It's as if the clock was turned back to 2008! Thankfully I've done both before, so I know I can do this. It's just going to be more difficult since I've got a munchkin to take care of and feed. Oh, and the recovery from pregnancy.

So all this to say, hello again. :)