Friday, February 25, 2011

Winterman 5K

This year the Winterman lived up to his name: -24C with the windchill (-11F for my US readers). Brr!

I was actually kind of nervous before the race, which is really weird for me. This wasn't a goal race by any means. I hadn't done much running in the previous month thanks to a vacation to Cuba, a nasty cold and brutal cold snaps with temps in the range of -30C. I just wanted to enjoy the Winterman race and a run on a flat and paved road surface!

My goals going into the race were:
Gold: Beat my personal record of 28:09
Silver: Beat my course record of 31:26
Bronze: Beat my 2010 5K times (aka, come in under 35 minutes).

The race was held at the Canadian War Museum. There isn't much parking there, so I opted for a jog/walk to the race site. It's just far enough for it be far away (it's 30 minute walk) and close enough to make me feel guilty for driving. I ended up jogging more than walking because of the chilly temps. I treated it as a warm up!

The race started at 8:30 with a huge military gun being fired to jolt us awake. The course was pretty crowded as there were 1300 runners heading out onto the course. I just tried to pick a line and go with it. There were a few weavers and some walkers who started far too close to the front of the pack, but overall, it was a great field of polite runners.

The course is an out-and-back and has two smallish hills - rolling would be a good description for it. The wind was pretty strong and we weren't really running into it, but it was enough to keep you chilled most of the time. Parts of the course was icy due to a thaw earlier in the week, but overall it was clear and smooth sailing.

I ran the last kilometre strong, passing quite a few people on my way to the finish line. I finished in 33:13, beating my bronze goal. I probably could've pushed it to beat my course record, as I had a lot in the tank at the end and I wasn't sore at all in the days following the race. I didn't want to overdo it at this race, given that I have another race in April and my goal race is the halfmarathon in May.

Here's a pic... it makes me realize that my RunningRoom jacket is at least a full size too big for me, but I can't justify buying another unless I get it at a wicked sale price. But I look awesome in my Sugoi Firewall tights and for once, both feet are off the ground!