Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Sadie (see the link in the sidebar) challenged us, her blogger friends, to post a list of the ten things that make us happy. I have to admit that I'm not exactly in a chipper mood this week, but I hope that drawing up this list will help to pull me out of my funk.

1. My husband and his neverending support, love and affection.

2. Our pets, especially our 2-year-old Tonkinese cat who loves to cuddle under the covers and has conversations with me while I'm taking a shower in the morning.

3. Time spent with friends.

4. Champagne/Sparkling Wine. It soothes my soul, but not in the I'm-Drinking-Alone kind of way.

5. Vacations!

6. Seeing neat wildlife on a run, like interesting birds or squirrels chasing each other. It usually brings a smile to my face.

7. The feeling of accomplishment and a job well done, whether that's running or at work.

8. Striking items off the "to-do" list.

9. Finding mail in the mailbox. And no, I don't mean bills! Tonight my free Sugoi custom armwarmers arrived!

10. Seeing that I've got new followers on my blog. Welcome! :)

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