Thursday, January 7, 2010

Off to the ER

My ankle is swollen and my foot is bruised. It's still sore and achy, but not nearly as bad as it was. The pain's gotten better as I've stayed off it as much as possible since Monday. But it still hurts, so I knew I needed to see a doctor.

Since my family doctor cancelled on me, again (note to self: time to get a new doctor) I decided to go to the Appletree Clinic.

I headed over after their site said 15 minute wait. I saw a doctor 1.5 hours later and man, he was loopy. Couldn't read the notes from the girl who assessed me. I had to tell him three times which foot hurt and where. He asked me out of the blue if I had kids and listened to my breathing... what that has to do with a foot injury is beyond me. The best part? He spent half the time singing!

He, along with the girl, both agree it's likely a stress fracture. Surprise! But, he wants to send me for an x-ray to confirm and then will refer me on Tuesday to the hospital to get a cast. I asked him if an air cast would be possible instead and explained that I was heading to Hawaii in a week. He looked at me like I was speaking German and told me that I'd get a lightweight walking cast. I gave up my hope of asking him any normal questions such as the possibility of pool running and how long until I can start running again. He said nothing about staying off it. He only mentioned crutches when he saw how difficult it is for me to walk, and even then only said I should get a cane. I was so angry and upset when I left.

I tried to get in at the sports medicine clinics, but they're all booked until next week. Then my husband and I started thinking about it... if I'm going to end up at the hospital anyway, why deal with the moron doctor at Appletree? I know it's a stress fracture. I've known since Monday. It's just a matter of getting the x-ray to see how bad it is.

Wish me luck!


Sadie said...

Holy ridiculous ordeal.
Your phone message makes sense now :P

I hope you found a non-loopy doctor who knows what he's doing.

Nanookie said...

I did. The x-rays don't show a break or fracture, but I have to go back after we get back from our vacation for another round. He thinks fracture as well.

No running, no strenuous exercise. I can do stuff in the pool though, which is a relief.

Jen said...

Does this mean no cast for Hawaii? If so, that's some good news!

Sorry you had such a crappy experience with doctors yesterday!