Monday, August 17, 2009

New running skirt!

I took advantage of's anniversary sale last week. I ordered myself a new skirt in black and hot pink. I bought one of their skirts at the Race Weekend in May and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's comfortable, fits wonderfully, has huge pockets and it's made in Canada!

I can't wait for the skirt to arrive so I can wear it out on a run. There's a lot of controversy over running skirts... some women think they're too girly, while others refuse to wear them. I was skeptical of them at first. That is until I went running in one. I got some strange looks, but they are so comfortable! No chafing. No having to fish it out of your nether regions. No riding up.

Now I hate running in shorts or capris... that is unless it's the dead of winter. If I could run in a running skirt in February, I totally would!

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Tracy said...

I really like Running Skirts too!