Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugoi, how I love thee

I did some major damage to my credit card yesterday on the Sugoi site. I was accepted as a Sugoi Brand Champion early in 2009 - I get discounts on Sugoi gear, wear it to races and promote the product wherever I can. I love their colours and designs, though the sizing is a little on the small size, so ordering can be a bit humbling at times.

In anticipation of the winter running season, I ordered a couple long-sleeve shirts, one with a full-zip, as I only have 2 that are heavy enough to wear the through the winter, and I only have one light one that's suitable for Fall running after mid-October. These should be great for layering through the Fall as the weather gets progressively colder.

I'd also been coveting their k-Scope tank in Citrine (an awesome yellow pattern). A pair of arm warmers also jumped into my shopping cart, so that I can get more wear out of my short-sleeve shirts. And a pair of running tights, as I got tired of washing my running tights two or three times a week... oh dear, it all adds up quick.

And I'm done buying running gear for the next year. I think my Visa's being revoked. Keep your fingers crossed that it all fits!

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