Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

The last day of 2010. This is the day where we runners tally up the 2010 mileage, our achievements and the race reports. Then we turn our thoughts to the upcoming year: a blank slate!

I have to say I've learned a lot in 2010. Some of the lessons:
  • I'm not flexible.
  • If I want to run long distances, I have to stretch, do yoga and visit my physiotherapist every 6 weeks.
  • Listening to my body prevents injury.
  • Running without music is, suprisingly, more fun that running with Lady Gaga blasting in my ears.
My 2010 mileage was 491.62km (I'm still mastering the GarminConnect reports feature). Not too shabby given all I went through!

So, now here come the 2011 goals:
1. Run the Ottawa Half Marathon.
2. Expand to running 4 days a week.
3. Set a new course PR at Emilie's Run 5K in June (current one is 30:08).

I'm registered for races up until the end of July. After that, who knows. I might be travelling with my husband in the Fall, or I could do the Army Run HM... I would love to do a marathon next year but I want to finish the half first before I commit to 42.2!

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