Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is it fall yet?

Seriously. This heat and humidity can take a hike. We've had crazy humidity again this week, culminating in some serious thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. As you guessed, my Tuesday run got canned.

I really can't afford to cancel too many runs, as I really need to work on getting my fitness level back up in order to start training for that 10K in early October. Right now 5Ks are still challenging. Uhoh. But at the same time, I'm actually looking forward to running some longer distances again!

And so, I barely woke up to my alarm this morning and rolled out of bed to run before the day's heat set in. I ran at 6:30 a.m. in 20C... 28C with the humidity. Blech. Thankfully there's some relief in sight for the weekend. Hooray!

Either way, the weather here - hot or cold - is better than it was down in the 'States two weeks ago. I was visiting friends in Northern Maryland and it was ridiculously hot. I was up at 6 am to run one morning and it felt like I was running in hot soup. I had to take walk breaks in order to actually get my breath back. When I got back to the cabin, my gear was sopping wet. The weather was so disgusting that I couldn't bring myself to run again two days later. It's too bad I can't find the historical weather for that run... I'd love to put it in with the run info. I bet it'd be a record for me.

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