Thursday, August 26, 2010

Digital Distractions

Back in June I posted about how I'd started running without my iPod. Just to recap, I used to be a devoted iPod listener when running. The only time I ran without it was at races because of the sheer number of people. Otherwise, it was an essential part of my running gear. I felt like the bionic woman as I strapped on my iPod, Garmin, RoadID bracelet, phone... the list just kept on getting longer!

But not anymore.

Interestingly enough, there's an article in today's Globe and Mail about the dangers of being too plugged in. The study's authors say that using digital devices to distract or entertain yourself during every waking moment may lead to brain fatigue and impair the brain's ability to process and store memories. I particularly liked this quote:

But all things being equal, Prof. Ratey said, he would prefer to see people do their workouts away from their devices: “There is more bang for your buck doing it outside, for your mood and working memory.”

I agree with this 100%. Most people think they'll hate exercising if they don't have something to help pass the time. I used to be the same way. Just try going iPod/Blackberry/mp3-free for a week while exercising and see how you feel after. Who knows, you might not go back!

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