Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Heat Beat Me

I couldn't do it this morning. Nope, no early morning run.

I spent 4 hours outside, on my feet, in the 40C+ weather as a volunteer at Bluesfest (our local monster music festival) last night. I was just exhausted last night and probably sweated off my body weight in those four hours. I just couldn't bring myself to get up at 6 to run this morning. The thought of running in the soupy air made me want to hermit myself in the air conditioned goodness of our apartment.

I checked the forecast last night before making my decision. The weatherman promised "cooler" weather on Friday: 28C and showers. Postponing my run to Friday morning was a no-brainer. It's hard to believe that's "cooler" than what we're going through now!

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