Friday, May 7, 2010

More of the same

I am continuing with my physiotherapy. Still no running, but we're hoping to go down to one appointment a week by the end of May. I don't know if I will be painfree after running... but hopefully I'll be able to test my legs soon.

I got my x-ray results via my physiotherapist, which showed nothing overly irregular. Which is good, because it means it's not my bones causing the pain. I'm not sure if she'll push for an MRI or not. I also managed to transfer my 10K entry at the Ottawa Race Weekend, so I saved a bit of money there.

I'm trying to keep busy but am really lacking in the motivation department these days. My little brother shipped out to Afghanistan last week. I still feel really raw about it... I tend to tear up during the singing of the national anthem during hockey games, of all things. One of my best friends has gone MIA and I don't know why. I miss her and am afraid I did something wrong, but I have no idea what could be wrong. There's also been drama with my family, as my parents and brother have had a falling out, which leave me in the middle to try to play peacemaker. And overall, work sucks as my manager left the team and hasn't been replaced, which has meant added stress for each of us on the team and more work.

I see my doctor again next week so hopefully we'll have a better plan of attack then. I really don't feel like myself these days, so I'm definitely planning to bring that up with him too.


what-e-ver said...

Nan - I'm sorry to hear you've been having a hard time. I do hope that your brother comes home safely and that things work out for you.

Jen said...

Hey Nanookie - I'm thinking of your brother, it's definitely a struggle when you know someone over there (my cousin was deployed to Afghanistan a couple years back). Around the same time, my youngest brother had a falling out with my parents, and I, too, was the peacemaker. So I hear you on how stressful it can be. In my situation, things worked out after a while and they now have a better relationship.

Just make sure that while you are being the peacemaker, you make time for self-care. Whatever that means for you - bubble baths, wine, silly movies: make time for it. Otherwise you will go batty!

I'm excited for you to be able to get running again :) Hopefully it's not too long a wait, since I know how happy it makes you. Sending healthy vibes your way!!