Friday, May 28, 2010

Back Back Back!

I was finally able to start my return to running plan yesterday. I was supposed to start last week, but I managed to get a horrible cold. Said cold turned into a sinus and throat infection. I still have a cough, but the congestion I have now is likely seasonal allergies.

I started last night with 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, for a total of 30 minutes. I run again on Saturday, with 3 minutes walking, 7 minutes running, for a total of 30 minutes. And it slowly increases from there. I hope to run Emilie's Run 5K on June 19th. I have no plans for a personal best or any kind of record... just to run!

In order to motivate myself some more, I bought some new running clothes. Yesterday, I picked up a camo skirt and a couple of new tanks at the Ottawa Race Weekend running expo. I love's skirts - they have tons of pockets, a great fit and really creative patterns. One of my new tanks is a Sugoi tank in white and the other is Asics and it's BRIGHT PINK. Both are perfect for summer... and they were 50% off!

It feels so good to run again.

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Jen said...

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Sorry for the caps, but I know how much you've been missing out on running, so I did a little cheer when I read you're starting to run again. Enjoy it!!