Friday, September 11, 2009

Pre-wedding and pre-Army Run jitters

My wedding is coming up in 3 weeks. This means no slacking off in the eating or exercise departments. I tried on my dress this week and I can't gain weight. It fits like a glove!

Since I can't slack off on Weight Watchers and running, I've decided to set a goal for my 5K and a food-related reward. If I break 30:00, I get key lime pie. I finished my last serious race with training in 30:01 (on my Nike+) or 30:08 (chip time, no mat at the starting line). I really think I can do it this time. I've added in some modest speedwork and I've been realistic about my weekly mileage. I hope these decisions pay off on race day.

I'm excited and nervous for this race, as it's going to be a big field. All my 5Ks have been relatively small races of only a few hundred runners. The Army Run, however, is going to be big. REALLY BIG. They had a cap of 7,000 runners last year, a number that was split between the 5K and half-marathon distances. This year, the organizers removed the limit on the number of runners. The thing is, a 5K is a very attractive distance for a lot of people. It's very approachable to the average runner and people who are in shape, but aren't runners. It's a great introductory distance for new runners and big, publicized races tend to attract a lot of them. I expect a lot of jostling, a lot of newbies, people in the wrong starting position and walkers all over the place. It'll be a challenge, that's for sure.

But I'm still excited. There's nothing like the atmosphere of big races like the Army Run. The crowd support is amazing. It gives me the chills just thinking of it. And seeing that many people in one place to run is an inspiring sight.


Sadie said...

You can TOTALLY do this!!!! You're so committed and dedicated to your goals. You inspire me daily. ♥♥

Erin said...

You can totally do it. Start out slow. Don't waste energy trying to pass people. By 2.5k the crowds will have thinned out. Then pick up the pace and just go for it.
I can't wait to hear all about it!

Alexa K said...

Thanks ladies! I did it in my run today, so I know I can do it next week. :D