Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm getting sick! Gah! Noooo!

I'm not surprised. Quite a few people I know have been sick and it's been making the rounds at work. So far it's just a sore throat/sinuses/ears... but I've heard it gets worse. The bright side is that I don't have a fever!

The thing is, I really want to run on Sunday. But, getting sick is throwing a wrench in that plan. Normally I would've run the race if the cold wasn't in my lungs. But, it's more important for me to be healthy for my wedding than to PR the 5K on Sunday. And, I think my fiancé might kill me if I ran it while I was sick!

So I'm taking more vitamins than usual, resting and drinking lots of fluids. I've cancelled my run tonight and hopefully I'll be better by Friday so I can have a bit of a tune-up run on Friday or Saturday.

Fingers are crossed.

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