Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Army Run 5K Race Report: Slow and Steady

I ran the Army Run 5K on Sunday. It was my first race since Munchkin and I was excited and nervous about it. Overall, I'm happy with how it went, considering everything that happened over the past few months. I finished in 35:48, which is a personal worst for me, but a huge victory considering where I started 5 months ago.

I realized about a month before the race that I needed to lower my expectations. I did my own return to running program that I modeled on Couch to 5K, but was more conservative given the c-section and a switch to minimalist shoes. I had some pelvic soreness after I ran more than 15 minutes straight. Dr. Google told me this was due to some separation of the pubic symphis related to pregnancy. I figured as much, since my hips were HUGE up until recently. So I knew I needed to slow down and dial back the distance/time increases so I wouldn't end up injured. I decided to focus instead on enjoying myself at the race and celebrating my return to running.

The morning was warmer than previous years at about 8C, sunny, but with a brisk wind. The race was really crowded and I probably lined up a little too far back. I try not to weave as it's a waste of energy and dangerous in such a crowded race with less experienced racers. But, I was definitely in a too slow group at the beginning, as I was held up quite a bit in a couple narrower parts in the first K. I ran 10 and 1, then 9 and 1s since my math sucks and I forgot to go to 21 for my next break. Oops. It was early, I swear! I saw my brother and his munchkin near the 4K mark and that gave me the push to keep going to the finish line. I had a little juice left in me for a sprint to the finish and crossed the finish line strong. I felt a little sick after, so I know I left it all out there on the course. We celebrated with a post-race brunch, me with French toast. Yum!

Now the race bug has bitten me again and I've got to figure which race to run next!

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