Friday, June 4, 2010

Settling into a routine

I'm slowly getting back into my running routine again. It's funny how life adapts itself to more or less free time.

Life is busy right now and it's actually getting difficult for me to fit in my short little runs. Husband and I started taking our wine courses again, which we'd put off for a number of reasons. They're not cheap when there's two of you taking them and they're a big time commitment. This class is done after this weekend, thankfully just in time for us to start a new project.

Car shopping. Joy. Our car got a death sentence on Thursday, so I ended up nixing my run yesterday to look at cars. But in one evening we only managed to look at two cars. Ugh. No matter what, we need a new car ASAP. Husband works in the other end of town and the bus isn't a viable transportation method for him over the long term.

I got good news at Physio on Wednesday: I'm down to one appointment every other week. She's hoping to discharge me in July, if all goes well. Now just to fit in those runs!

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