Thursday, June 17, 2010

Race ready

Tomorrow I'm running Emilie's Run 5K. I'm so excited! I love this race... it's a flat course, it's all women and it's a really fast field of racers. It's so inspiring to see all the women running together: mothers and daughters, friends, family. It's a totally different atmosphere than other races.

I'm going into this race with one goal only: to finish. I don't care if I have to walk. I don't care if it takes me 40 minutes. I'm just excited to be part of a race and to be running again.

I'm looking forward to seeing who wins the race. One of my running heroes, Tara Quinn-Smith, won't be running it this year. She won the race last year and set a new course record. But sadly, she's been battling some nagging injuries and will be sitting it out this year.

In physiotherapy news, I went two weeks between appointments and all is well. She feels that the remaining issues just might be me. Like my tight glutes. Certain niggly things in my back. But the bulging disc and pain in the lower back is gone. I have some tightness/soreness below my knees, but that's more a result of the return to running and reintroducing the running-related stresses to my body.

This time we're going a month between appointments to see how I do. If all goes well, I expect she'll discharge me. I do have to start a flexibility-related cross-training activity if I plan to run anything more than 10Ks in the future.


TiredMamaRunning said...

YAY! Hope it was a fun race.

Jen said...

Congrats again on your first race back! Thanks for being my race buddy :) I am looking over all my times, and have concluded I'm very happy with how I did. My 5th km was 34 seconds faster than my first km, so I'm happy that I finished strong! Here's to the National Capital 5k!

Nanookie said...

Thanks Jen and Kazz!

Jen, I meant to tell you that... you ran negative splits (faster at the end than at the beginning) which is really good! If you look at the times of the people around us, they all fell apart at the end. You finished strong, and that's a huge victory.