Monday, February 8, 2010

Starting Over

Now that the Superbowl's over, I'm ready to start over food-wise. The Superbowl party was pretty brutal... heck, even I brought Buffalo Chicken Dip (it features 3c. of cheese and a bottle of Frank's Red Hot) which was sinfully good.

But now that Hubby's been ordered by the doctor to lose weight, I can't half-ass our meal plans anymore. Who am I kidding? We have no meal plans whatsoever. I just make whatever I feel like, revert to leftovers, or we order in.

Now that I'm not running I need to eat better, too. I also could use to lose a little bit of weight myself, because I've gained weight since Christmas and our awesome trip to Maui. So this week I resolve to start over on WeightWatchers. I resolve to track my calories. I resolve to make a weekly meal plan for us.

Weighing less will also help with my running. I'll have reduced impact on my joints and less of me to move from point A to point B! I just need to be sure that I don't lose muscle mass instead of fat.

I'll report back with the plan once it's made. Today's plan is pretty good: I've got a Chewy Allbran Bar, celery, banana and a PC Blue Menu dinner.

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