Friday, December 25, 2009

A very runny Christmas

It was a good Christmas for me. My family and friends were very good to me, especially on the running front.

Hubby got me something I've wanted for a very long time: a Garmin 305, including heart rate monitor. Woohoo! I'm so excited to have more accurate data on my runs, especially distance. It'll be interesting to compare the data to what my dear Nike+ has delivered over the past 2 years. Though I'll likely keep on using the Nike+, too, given that I'm addicted to the challenges and website.

My parents were awesome and got me a new pair of running shoes... my trusty Asics 1140s. The new pair will be my shoes for clear conditions, while I'll be installing screws into my old pair for icy/snowy conditions. I love the colour, too!

My brother gave me a gift certificate to a sports store, while I did get a bit of money to spend on gear.

I was very blessed this year with non-running gifts, such as perfume and a new jewelery box. Life is good. Now it's time to work off the turkey dinner!

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