Saturday, December 12, 2009

Races Races Races

I took advantage of race entry discounts and registered for a number of Somersault races in 2010. I really enjoyed their races this year, so I figured I'd run the same events next year!

Registering early for races can be a bit of a gamble, but it's totally worth it. With Somersault, I saved $25 off the race-day entry price. And by registering early for the other races, I saved 20% off the entry fee and I got a free change of entry. That means that if plans change and I can't run the race, I can switch to a different race without paying extra. Talk about handy!

So, next year's race calendar looks like this:
02/19 - Winterman 10K
05/30 - Ottawa HM
06/19 - Emilie's Run 5K
07/31 - National Captial 5K.

I'm hoping that all the work I'm putting into my HM will pay off on my 5K time in June. Then I get another month to work on my speed again.


Sadie said...

Great job!

Remind me in January to do this. I want to commit to actual goals this year.

Jen said...

Reading this got me all motivated... I REALLY want to do some races this year, but I need to get serious about it.

Nanookie said...

Thanks ladies.

You should totally do it, Jen! Emilie's Run is a really fun race and well organized... plus it's a flat course. It's always great to have something tangible to work towards.

Sadie, I will totally remind you. Don't forget to register for the Race Weekend 10K before the fee increase in Feb!