Sunday, November 15, 2009

RWOL Games - Motivation to the Max

Runners World Online (otherwise known as RWOL) is the place to go to if you have a question on anything and everything related to running. The beginners forum is welcoming, while the Letters vs. Opinions is entertaining. You can ask for advice on the most mudane running issue... from which brand of running skirt is better to the issue of skyrocketing race fees.

My favourite part of RWOL: the games. Yes, games.

I've taken part in two monthly challenges and am an active member of the Miles Game. Players are placed on teams and you log your mileage weekly. The team earns points on how our mileage ranks among the other teams for the week. Then the team earns bragging rights if we win the quarter. My team has yet to win... but they are a wonderful bunch of people. We support each other through the highs and lows. And they are incredibly patient with me, the ever-so-eager novice runner.

My favourite game is about to start as well, and that's the Winter Running Contest. We get points based on the weather/temperature and the length of time spent running. I played last year and it was a huge motivator to get out for a run during a blizzard, or -25C weather. The promise of bad weather got me excited for running, which sounds strange, I know. But this contest was one of the biggest reasons why I made it through my first winter of running.

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Nic said...

First of all, RWOL sounds terrifying and exciting.
But, I wanted to ask you about your friend of a friend who used to live in the townhouses on Lyon.

You can reach me at or (613)816-5815. I'm writing an assignment for my class about the people involved in the fire, but am having trouble finding ways to contact them, because they've all moved. Any help would be appreciated!